Mages can also choose to wear heavy armor.” (x)


If I never have to see another Enchanter’s Cowl so long as I live, I will die a happy woman.

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Though she be but little she is fierce: Can we talk about how Carlos has gone from being perfect Carlos-...

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soulbrisingr asked: Hehe I can't wait :P and aww that would be the cutest patronus ever :3 I don't know what mine would be but if I had to choose it would probably be a wolf :P I dunno what do you think my patronus would be judging from my blog and stuff?

I think more like a fox than a wolf? I think you seem way too cuddly for a wolf, and foxes are more often domesticated and are more curious? I don’t know, maybe I’m just thinking of Fox and the Hound too much, and foxes are really evil little critters XD (i think all the eeveelutions on your background made me biased :3)

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  • you: i liked the fade
  • me: maker guide me as i force the demon out of this poor soul

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why is the ship called e/r ??? i mean the e is enjolras but the r??? is supposed to be grantaire??? why not e/g i am sO CONFUSED CAN SOMEONE HELP ME

It is because, in French, Grantaire’s name is pronounced like Grand-R, which means capital R. In the book, it says that he signs his name as R. Hope this makes sense.

^ not-quite-crazy gets all the points.

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Here, posting Anders w/out his shirt bc it was requested. (sorta) :’>

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